This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Startup. Startup refers to the very early stages of running a solo or small law practice. There are many business details to consider in the early stages of starting and running your law practice. Start your research with FindLaw.

Startup Articles

  • Federal and State Business Licensing Requirements

    Lawyers looking to start a firm should look into any federal or state license or permit requirements which may be applicable to them.

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  • Law Firm Office Systems Make an Efficient Lawyer

    Most lawyers starting a practice anticipate and understand the challenges of starting up a law firm such as negotiating a lease, obtaining equipment for their new firm, and staffing. However, many do not look ahead at establishing the necessary office systems to ensure the firm operates smoothly from Day One.

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  • Flying Solo: Starting Your Own Law Practice

    Whether you have just graduated from law school or have been working at a law firm for decades, starting your own practice is always an option. Although it is scary to consider putting on the pilot's hat and flying your own plane, if you follow some of these guidelines, there is no reason why you cannot learn to fly successfully.

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  • How Much Does it Cost to Start Your Own Law Firm?

    If you are wondering how much it costs to start your own law firm, then you are probably also seriously considering hanging your own shingle. The good news is that in the long-term, your decision to start your own legal practice could be very beneficial.

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  • How to Perform Solo and Small Law Firm Client Intake

    FindLaw's guide for solo or small law firm practitioners on the client intake process.

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  • Marketing a Startup Solo Law Practice

    Although success as a solo requires much trial and error, some steps that I took to market my business from the beginning really paid off.

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  • Starting a Law Firm: Finding Your Niche

    A key decision when launching a new firm is deciding "what you are." The days of the general practice lawyer are gone. Your chances for success are much greater if you limit yourself to a particular area of law where you can become an expert.

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  • How to Start a Law Firm: Picking a Practice Area

    Picking a practice area for your law practice is an important decision for many reasons including: avoiding legal malpractice; being able to pay the bills; and career satisfaction. Increasingly, clients expect their lawyers to focus their practices on a particular area of the law.

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  • Hiring a Legal Administrator

    When it comes to management at law firms, management does not simply refer to case management. It is also connotes the fact that law firms are businesses. Therefore, lawyers must also manage the business aspects of the firm, including payroll, purchasing supplies, and human resources. However, most lawyers are not specifically trained to handle the business side and would prefer to stick to the legal matters.

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  • Build Client Relationships Through Personal Contact

    Most clients don't know how to judge the depth of your knowledge, skill, judgment or experience. After all, they didn't go to law school and you did, so they couldn't possibly appreciate what you know. But they can measure what they see and feel.

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