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Staying Productive While Working From Home

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Staying Productive While Working at Home

A remote worker's guide to staying inspired and on-task

1. Find the right background noise

If you're used to working near other people, the quiet of working from home can make it hard to focus. Listening to music or podcasts helps many of us stay on task.

2. Indulge Your Interests

Some of us are feeling lost without happy hour with colleagues. But that doesn't mean we have to stare at the wall! Gather interesting articles, videos and content online about topics that interest you and learn about them. Or, pick up a book or a hobby you've been wanting to get back to!

3. Do Quick and Simple Workouts

Exercising helps boost your immune system as well as your mood. Find some quick workouts that don't require equipment to do at home!

4. Know When to Connect and Unplug

Working from home can mean it's easier to procrastinate. Set normal working hours to stay in your routine and get things done.

5. Don't Stay Inside for Too Long

Yes, we've been encouraged to stay home. But that doesn't mean we can't go outside! If you're well, take a walk, run, or cycle on your own to keep from feeling too cooped up.

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