Covid-19 Information and Resources for Legal Professionals

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FindLaw's Covid-19 resource center contains updated information and articles law firms and legal professionals can use during the novel coronavirus outbreak. Below you can find information on working remotely, managing clients, and the legal issues surrounding COVID-19. 

FindLaw has significant information available on how to advise clients, manage staff, and work securely away from the office. Simply keeping the office as is and hoping for the best is not advisable.

You can also begin to assuage clients and answer their questions. There are many legal implications associated with the novel coronavirus. From contract disputes to employment to immigration, Covid-19 will have a long-lasting impact on people's daily lives. If they haven't already, the questions will begin coming in from people wondering about their legal options.

You can also visit our attorney wellness section for resources on managing anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, along with links to lawyer assistance groups in every state.

Check back regularly as this section is being updated.  


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