Self-Assessments for Depression, Anxiety, and Substance Use Disorder

Below are five self-assessments you can use to begin thinking about your mental health. The Patient Health Questionnaire is a self-assessment used by medical professionals to help diagnose depression. The GAD-7 anxiety self-assessment is used to help diagnose generalized anxiety disorder. Dass-21 measures depression, anxiety and stress. The Drug Abuse Screening may help indicate substance use disorder. The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) is specifically for alcohol. 

The tests are downloadable so you can take them privately. Each test includes information on how to interpret the results. 

Not a Substitute for a Medical Diagnosis

All of these tests were developed by medical professionals and researchers. However, they are by no means a substitute for medical advice, nor are they equivalent to a medical diagnosis. These are intended as a safe and confidential way for you to begin thinking about your mental health. Regardless of your score, if you are experiencing depression or anxiety, concerned about substance use, or have any other distress, please see a medical professional as soon as possible. 

Patient Health Questionnaire for Depression (PHQ-9)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7)

Alcohol use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)

Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST-10)

Well-Being Worksheets

For an additional resources to improve well-being, you may wish to download this workbook designed for lawyers, by lawyers. These worksheets provide resources and help on happiness, mindfulness, and overcoming adversity. Reproduced with permission.

Well-Being Workbook for Lawyers