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    • Using Expert Witnesses: Product Defect Cases

      There's a lot at stake in any product defect case, as consumers want to ensure remedies for their harm and the safety of products sold in the marketplace, while companies seek to protect their investments. At the end of the day, it's product defect experts who can make or break a case. Read on for more about using expert witnesses in product defect cases and how you can set your client up for success.

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    • Using Expert Witnesses: Construction Defect Cases

      Construction defect cases are dependent on expert witnesses.  Most of the time there are no witnesses to the initial construction of the building and while a building owner may know they have a problem, they have no idea what that problem really is or how to fix it.  This article focuses on the important role experts play and what kind of experts you may need in your construction defect case.

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    • Using Expert Witnesses: Medical Malpractice Cases

      Medical malpractice cases often involve complex areas of medicine and the law that necessitate the use of qualified experts. But what kinds of experts and when are they needed in the process? Read on for a helpful synopsis on the use of experts in medical malpractice cases.

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    • Starting a Law Firm Blog: Ethical Considerations

      Having a law firm blog is one way to keep pace with your competitors and is becoming more of a standard practice for law firms in the internet age. However, unlike most businesses with an online presence, detailed ethical obligations apply to lawyers whenever they're communicating with the public, especially online. This article will help you get a handle on these rules before starting your law firm blog to make sure you start off on the right foot.

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    • Using Expert Witnesses: Personal Injury Cases

      Getting the right expert witness could spell the difference between success and failure for your client's case. But how can you make sure that you've found the best one for your case? Let this overview of using expert witnesses for personal injury cases be your guide to finding the experts you need.

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