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FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center provides a wide spectrum of resources dedicated to solo and small law firm practice on topics such as Law Firm Finance, How to Start a Law Firm, Human Resources, Legal Marketing, and Practice Support. Running a solo or small law firm requires careful attention to business details. Whether you are about to hang your shingle, or are a seasoned practitioner, FindLaw can help you successfully grow and optimize your law practice.

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  • Marketing Your Law Firm to U.S. Hispanic Consumers

    Today, law firms have a unique opportunity to tap into one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the U.S. marketplace - the Hispanic population. Effectively targeting this group can help lawyers expand their client base and increase revenue.

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  • Online Reviews and Defamation

    Significant litigation has arisen over negative reviews that business owners claim to be defamatory. Reviewers argue that their statements are protected by their right to free speech. Where is the line? At what point can a negative review subject the author to liability for defamation?

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  • Services for Lawyers: Hiring a Translator or Interpreter

    There will come a time in everyone's law practice when documents or witness testimony that needs to be presented, or understood, will not be available in English. You may need to engage the services of a company that can provide all manner of translation and interpretation services.

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  • Assess Employee Engagement Without Spending a Dime

    Research has brought to light the correlation between employee engagement and profitability, and the first step to improving employee engagement in your company is knowing where you stand.

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  • Law Firm Document Retention and Destruction Policies

    The hum of a busy law firm may be music to your ears as you think about the billing statements for the month, but it also means an ever-growing number of documents to handle. Having sound document retention and destruction policies is the best way to manage the avalanche of paperwork -- and stay out of trouble with your state bar. This article answers some of the common questions relating to document retention and destruction.

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