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FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center provides a wide spectrum of resources dedicated to solo and small law firm practice on topics such as Law Firm Finance, How to Start a Law Firm, Human Resources, Legal Marketing, and Practice Support. Running a solo or small law firm requires careful attention to business details. Whether you are about to hang your shingle, or are a seasoned practitioner, FindLaw can help you successfully grow and optimize your law practice.

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  • Choosing a Business Structure for Your Law Firm

    You've made the leap to start your own law firm. You've thought about costs, practice area, and gone through all the items on your startup checklist. Now you need to figure out how to set up your business. Learn more about the various business structures to decide which one is right for your law firm.

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  • Rules of Evidence: Hearsay

    The hearsay rules are often a trial lawyer's bread and butter, providing numerous methods of either keeping evidence out or getting it admitted. But despite our best efforts to memorize these rules in our law school Evidence courses, it can be challenging to keep them straight.

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  • State of the Legal Profession: Client Driven Innovation

    Innovation in the legal services industry is frequently driven by client demand. Over the years, large corporate clients, in particular, have had a substantial impact on the way law firms handle core matters, such as billing and staffing. Recently, large clients have established new varieties of financial and practical requirements that legal service providers must meet.

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  • Navigating the Hearsay Rule (Infographic)

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  • Managing a Virtual Law Practice

    It's inevitable to face challenges when you're operating a virtual law practice, but you may not be aware of all that is required of your practice, including the ethical rules that apply. This article will help you identify and manage the potential problem areas that could arise.

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