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  • So Noted: The Benefits of Using a Note App in Your Law Practice

    Every day, your practice faces a barrage of information, some expected, but most probably unexpected. A good note app can be an essential tool to help you manage this information and stay sane in the process. Read on to learn more about helpful applications and how they could improve your firm's operations.

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  • Report: Law Firm Women's Initiatives Lack Strategy and Funding

    Most law firms do have women's initiative programs, however, the NAWL Survey concludes that they lack strategy that is tied to the specific goals of advancement and retention, and they are woefully underfunded. This article addresses the survey's findings which could help to improve your firm's initiatives and strategies.

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  • Work Life Balance for Lawyers

    With attorneys speaking up about their inability to balance life and work, many firms are beginning to pay attention, offering four options designed to help integrate work and life; but are these options really the solution? Read on to learn more about these options and whether they may be a good fit for your practice.

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  • Software Overload: Issues with Technology or Processes?

    Smaller law firms have all sorts of challenges when it comes to technology. Rather than looking for a technology solution, what if it turns out the problem lies within processes and mindsets? Let this article help you identify the problems and the ways you can fix them to get your firm back on track.

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  • Using Expert Witnesses: Product Defect Cases

    There's a lot at stake in any product defect case, as consumers want to ensure remedies for their harm and the safety of products sold in the marketplace, while companies seek to protect their investments. At the end of the day, it's product defect experts who can make or break a case. Read on for more about using expert witnesses in product defect cases and how you can set your client up for success.

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