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The Practice Support section of FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center provides free resources related to financial issues encountered by solo and small law firm practices. Selecting business vendors and service providers such as Experts and Expert Witnesses, Document Preparation services, Investigators, and Litigation Support professionals is important to the success of your cases and your law firm. Working with the right litigation and practice support professionals can make all the difference. As a small business owner, you need the right information to make decisions that impact your law practice. Browse, read, and share FindLaw's collection of articles, tips and lists that focus on Practice Support.

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    • Legal Administrators

      When it comes to management at law firms, management does not simply refer to case management. It is also connotes the fact that law firms are businesses. Therefore, lawyers must also manage the business aspects of the firm, including payroll, purchasing supplies, and human resources. However, most lawyers are not specifically trained to handle the business side and would prefer to stick to the legal matters.

      Whose Side Are Expert Witnesses On?

      May an expert witness switch sides in a lawsuit? Unlike the lawyers in a case, no rule expressly stops an expert from "hopping the fence". After all, the expert's allegiance is to the truth, not to any one party, right?

      How to Connect with Today's Jury

      New book and podcast from West help lawyers connect in the courtroom

      Prepping an Expert Witness: How Far Is Too Far?

      At what point does preparing an expert to testify cross over into coaching? And at what point does coaching cross the line into unethical activity? One legal scholar called witness coaching the dirty secret of the U.S. adversary system. But because lawyers prepare witnesses in private, only a handful of the most egregious cases have resulted in ethics charges.

      Attorney Code of Expert Ethics Updated

      In two articles published here last year, we proposed an Attorney's Code of Expert Ethics and an Expert Witness Code of Ethics. We hoped our proposals would generate discussion among attorneys and experts alike. That they did, with a number of readers posting comments and sending e-mails offering both praise and criticism for the proposals. You talked, we listened. What follows is an updated version of our proposed code for attorneys.  

      The Ethics of Hiring Experts You Don't Plan to Use

      Do lawyers ever retain experts just to lock them out from being hired by the other side? If so, is the tactic fair play in the hardball game of litigation? Or are lawyers who would do this, as one court suggested, short on scruples?

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