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The Legal Marketing section of FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center provides free resources related to PR and marketing issues encountered by solo practices and small law firms. Business issues such as Branding, How to Get a Client, Marketing Ethics, Marketing Channels, and Marketing Strategies all contribute to the immediate and long-range success of your law firm. Marketing generates business growth opportunities. As a small business owner, you need to understand marketing issues well enough to make informed decisions that impact your law practice. Browse, read, and share FindLaw's collection of articles, tips, and lists that focus on Legal Marketing.

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    • How to Calculate Your Law Firm Marketing ROI

      Knowing the return on a law firm's investment in marketing has never been more crucial. Many firms fail to think about referral fees when analyzing their return on marketing investments. Though not every lawyer should have to become a marketing expert, strategic use of a marketing professional can give law firms a solid informational base from which to make important decisions.

      SEO Your Law Firm Website with Keywords

      How can your law firm stand out online and connect with more potential clients?

      Ten Ways to Secure and Protect Your Marketing IP

      This month's column lists ten situations where your marketing department should avoid spreading the word.

      Attorney Marketing Efforts Essential For Client Loyalty

      In an era when consolidation and reliance on in-house counsel are becoming more and more common, marketers must continually involve their lawyers in marketing efforts if their firms hope to stay competitive and successful.

      CAN-Spam Summary For Law Marketing

      While unsolicited commercial e-mail is still legal under the new Federal law, you must follow five rules to keep your outbound marketing messages above the board. What follows is a brief summary of the transmission rules.

      Marketing a Startup Solo Law Practice

      Learn about marketing a small firm practice from a solo practitioner.

Law Marketing Articles
    • It May Be Time for a New Marketing Strategy
      Provided by

      You don't change your horse mid-race is good advice for jockeys, but perhaps not as good for lawyers looking to take their practices to the next level. As you move through the course of your career, you may "outgrow" marketing activities that served you well in the beginning.

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    • Why a Down Market is the Right Time to Brand
      Provided by
      Since the markets turned bearish, the first instinct for many law firms has been to clamp down on marketing dollars. We're told that branding -- gaining a place in the minds of buyers -- always takes years and costs tons of money. So now is a bad time to embark on a branding program. Right? Wrong!

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    • Making Contact: The Importance Of Networking
      Provided by
      During the past decade law firms have experienced significant change. Things just aren't the way they used to be. During better times, business was easier to acquire and maintain. Client fee sensitivity, competition, specialization, and poor public image have made the practice of law much more difficult. It requires much more effort to manage and sustain a successful law practice.

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    • The Advantages of Having a Niche Law Practice
      Provided by

      When it comes to doctors, most people want to go to a specialist, not a generalist. Nobody trusts brain surgery to a general surgeon. Increasingly, clients feel the same way about their lawyers.

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    • Confidence Necessary for Business Development Success
      Provided by Sara Holtz of ClientFocus

      I've just finished reading Rosabeth Moss Kanter's book, Confidence. The basic premise of the book boils down to: Winning begets winning, and losing begets losing, because of their respective impact on confidence.

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