New Years Resolutions

A new year is in sight, and like prior years, many people will construct a list of life improvement tasks from losing weight, to finding the "right" job, to getting their life in balance. For many people, particularly those 40+, this might be the year to make a commitment to start doing some life planning that could really impact one's future. Retirement planning typically finds an eternal spot on the New Year's To Do list with little action taking place, because an individual or a couple doesn't know where or how to start thinking about the future beyond the "traditional" retirement concept of relaxation and travel.

Yet, as transition experts Jeri Sedlar and Rick Miners caution, we are living longer and healthier lives, so the notion of "traditional retirement" isn't for everyone and actually presents a number of challenges for pre and post retirees. "Each of us has drivers, those things that motivate us, turn us on and makes us tick -- but we don't often discover them until we get into a transition." A good New Years commitment would be to identify your drivers, those reasons why people work beyond money, " says Sedlar and Miners, " because understanding how they impact work and play can be a crucial step to ensuring a happy and meaningful future."

In their new book, Don't Retire, REWIRE, 2nd Edition, Sedlar and Miners present a five-step "rewirement" process that guides individuals at any age or stage of life, to create a future that includes:

  • Fun
  • Fulfillment
  • Flexibility
  • Financial rewards
  • Family and friends
  • Fitness
  • "The start of a new year is a perfect time to start life planning because we're already in a mind-set of starting fresh and thinking about the future," Sedlar and Miners say. "By using a framework that fully explores options and choices, your future is guaranteed to be meaningful, exciting and fulfilling."

    Sedlar and Miners are a husband and wife team with 25 years executive search and counseling experience. In Don't Retire, REWIRE! 2nd Edition, they focus on the lifestyle side of retirement, detailing how to rewire rather than retire. Their research included interviewing several hundred pre-retirees and working and non-working retirees to discover how retirement can be more fulfilling. In addition to their research, over the past five years Jeri has traveled the country talking to more than 15,000 pre-retirees about their fears and dreams about the future.