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This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Startup. Startup refers to the very early stages of running a solo or small law practice. There are many business details to consider in the early stages of starting and running your law practice. Start your research with FindLaw.

How to Start a Law Firm
Startup Articles
  • Flying Solo:5 Key Lessons From Starting My Own Practice
    Provided by Joanna Spilbor of FindLaw
    FindLaw guest columnist, attorney, and "Kelly's Court" legal commentator Jonna Spilbor reveals the advantages she enjoyed and the risks she took in recently deciding to found her own solo legal practice. From her own experience, Spilbor derives five key lessons for aspiring solo practitioners, covering topics ranging from budgeting, to choosing an office, to tailoring that office to your own needs and preferences, to hiring an assistant, to finding clients, to keeping those clients happy.

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