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FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center provides a wide spectrum of resources dedicated to solo and small law firm practice on topics such as Law Firm Finance, How to Start a Law Firm, Human Resources, Legal Marketing, and Practice Support. Running a solo or small law firm requires careful attention to business details. Whether you are about to hang your shingle, or are a seasoned practitioner, FindLaw can help you successfully grow and optimize your law practice.

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    • Practicing Law in the 21st Century Requires Affiliation

      The legal profession is undergoing substantial introspection, largely as a result of new political and economic world orders. More and more firms are asking how they can best meet their clients' needs in this new world order. What many have found is that traditional structures need to be supplemented internally and externally to effectively meet clients' expanding needs.

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    • Negotiating Tips for "Med Pay" Claims for Reimbursement

      Under med pay coverage, you or your client can submit their medical bills to their own insurance company for payment under the med pay provisions of their own insurance policy (1st party coverage). This article will go over some considerations to keep in mind when dealing with med pay claims for reimbursement.  

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    • Tips for Negotiating ERISA Liens in Personal Injury Cases

      Many ERISA plans assert that they are under no obligation to reduce their lien claims, and purport that they are entitled to their entire reimbursement claim regardless of the circumstances of the case. How can you tackle these ERISA liens and try to negotiate them down?

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    • Developing Markets In a Shrinking World

      Walt Disney didn't know what he started. Long before the era of faxes, on-line bulletin board systems and the Concorde, an attraction at his theme park had dolls dressed in costumes from many lands singing "It's a Small World." With the advent of new technologies and changes in the global market, a more timely phrase can now be coined:It's an even smaller business world.

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    • Focus Marketing Efforts on High Potential Opportunities

      Learn about 11 questions to ask yourself to determine if a prospective client is a "high potential" opportunity.

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