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FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center provides a wide spectrum of resources dedicated to solo and small law firm practice on topics such as Law Firm Finance, How to Start a Law Firm, Human Resources, Legal Marketing, and Practice Support. Running a solo or small law firm requires careful attention to business details. Whether you are about to hang your shingle, or are a seasoned practitioner, FindLaw can help you successfully grow and optimize your law practice.

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    • Small Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Beat Goliath

      Maybe your small firm can't compete against the Goliaths - but maybe it doesn't need to. Develop your own strategy, put it into practice and then leave it up to the big guys to "compete" against you! Here's how to get started.

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    • How to Calculate Your Law Firm Marketing ROI

      Knowing the return on a law firm's investment in marketing has never been more crucial. Many firms fail to think about referral fees when analyzing their return on marketing investments. Though not every lawyer should have to become a marketing expert, strategic use of a marketing professional can give law firms a solid informational base from which to make important decisions.

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    • Ten Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

      The art of ensuring that your website shows up high in the rankings of search engines is known as "search engine optimization," or "SEO" for short. SEO is a constantly evolving battle between search engines and websites. Here are ten tips to improve your website's SEO.

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    • CAN-Spam Summary For Law Marketing

      While unsolicited commercial e-mail is still legal under the this Federal law, you must follow five rules to keep your outbound marketing messages above the board. What follows is a brief summary of the transmission rules.

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    • FindLaw Speaks with Law Marketing Guru Silvia Coulter

      Silvia L. Coulter speaks with FindLaw as part of an ongoing community series with leading law firm marketing experts.

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